Here’s the hard truth about creating true fans.

It’s a bit… random. You have no idea what will tip someone from interested to invested.

Something that deeply resonates with Potential Fan 1 might mildly annoy Potential Fan 2.

That’s not to say Potential Fan 2 won’t become a superfan later. It’ll just be something different that tips the scales for them.

This is true for every single person who interacts with your business.

The sequence of events that turns them from stranger to superfan will be unique to them. Like a true fan fingerprint.

How do you, as a creator, account for this randomness?

It’s simple, really. You build an ecosystem of delight.

Your creative business is made up of individual interactions with your prospects and fans.

  • Every essay, social post, YouTube video, or email is a touch point.
  • Every product or service you offer is a large touch point, made up of smaller interactions.
  • Every time you respond to their email or reply on social.
  • Every page on your website. Every word of copy, and every image.
  • Every time they jump on a call with you to shoot the breeze.

All of these interactions, big and small, form the ecosystem of your business.

And every last one of these is an opportunity to serve, to pleasantly surprise, to keep a promise, and to delight.

When you understand this, you can start optimizing each touch point to be as delightful as possible.

You’ll never know with certainty the exact path someone takes to become a true fan.

But you can sure as hell make sure they enjoy each step along the way.