Yo friend. I work 1-on-1 with creatives and indie entrepreneurs to help them come alive, and build enjoyable 1,000 true fans style businesses that stand the test of time.

What I do can be broken down into three buckets.

  • Creativity coaching to help you discover the work only you can do. It's about finding work that reliably resonates, both for you and others.
  • Marketing consulting and coaching to help you "find the others" and build long-lasting, positive-sum relationships.
  • Mentorship and accountability to help you play the long game, and iterate your way towards a 1,000 true fans business you enjoy.

If any of that sounds useful, the best way to dip your toes in the water is to book a "choose your own price" coaching session with me. Bring a project you're working on, a problem you're stuck with, or anything else, and we'll jam on it for an hour. You'll get a taste of what working with me is like, and you can choose what to pay. And if you don't get any value or insights, you are under no obligation to pay anything!

And hey, if we both feel longer-term coaching would be a good fit, that's something we can talk about as well! But first things first, let's jump on a call to work through something, and see if we vibe.

I found Ungated well over a year ago and I was hooked from the get. Rob wasn’t pushing the same recycled nonsense as all the other “growth hackers” and “coaches teaching coaches how to become coaches…” in his free OR paid content. Since then, I’ve purchased a lifetime membership and have had ongoing 1-on-1 coaching with him.Rob’s work has helped me gain massive clarity on my personal values, themes, and trends, and then actually use those in my own marketing, creations, and business model! I feel more confident in my ability to make things that matter. I’m starting to attract like-minded people who are becoming paying customers and true fans.-Matt Lady


When reflecting back on my coaching relationship with Rob, the words "thoughtful" and "listener" immediately come to mind. I always appreciate how Rob will patiently listen to me flush out my thoughts and even if he knows the answer to my struggles, he will wait for me to finish and then respond thoughtfully with a question that brings me to my own conclusion. His approach is empowering and far outweighs the "advice culture" that I have grown to dislike over the years. The lasting impact and growth comes from being guided into my own conclusions.I'll also add that in many ways, Rob is the perfect business partner because he is very invested in my goals and I don't have to pay him a percentage of my company's profits! It's been almost a year of working with Rob, and I'm hopeful that our relationship will continue much further into the future.- Jon Bregel, founder of Variable