Consistent generosity is a key ingredient for earning true fans. It’s also essential for maintaining that emotional connection over time.

In other words, be consistent to create true fans. And stay consistent to keep them.

Sometimes, one piece of content (or a single interaction) can tip someone from casual consumer to a superfan.

But more often, it’s a slow burn. It’s the accumulation of delightful moments, adding up over months or years.

True fandom occurs when you’ve contributed so much value to someone that they feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and connection.

For that reason, treat your fans the way you would any important long-term relationship.

The secret to making it work is ongoing generosity. Being of service, and giving fully. It’s about making reliable deposits into the relationship bank.

As creators, we all know we should be consistent. But so few actually stick with one thing long enough to reap these rewards.

Here’s a hard truth.

Often, the seeds we plant with generous, consistent work today don’t bare fruit until months or years later.

If we stop showing up, and stop nurturing our audience relationships, they wither and die. To paraphrase the soup nazi, “no fruit for you!

There’s no way around it.

Consistent generosity is the price of creating true fans. It’s also the price of keeping them.

Once you understand that, the only decision left is whether you’ll keep showing up to pay it.