There are two main things I offer here in The Forest. You can either grab lifetime access to all of my paywalled writing (for a one-time fee instead of a subscription), or you can book a coaching/consulting call with me. Here are links to learn more about both!

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Lifetime access to all premium writing on this site. No subscription required.
Creator Coaching & Consulting
Or, shall we say, Creator Coachsulting™ (actually no, never mind. I hate that.)

Additionally, from 2020 to 2022 I created a series of courses and workshops about online marketing, creativity, and the pursuit of a joyful business.

When I started working on The Forest, I considered shelving these old products, because they don't quite fit the vision of where I'm going. But truthfully, there's still a ton of value there, and I know they can help people. That's why I'm offering them on a "choose your own price" basis.

The UngatedOS Workshop

A workshop about breaking free from the "best practices" of online business and marketing, and building something uniquely your own that brings both you and your fans to life.

The UngatedOS Workshop
A Workshop About Building Joyful Internet Businesses After years of following all the traditional advice for creators, and burning myself out time and tim…

Buy Rob A Burrito

Last but not least, if you just want to throw money at me, I've set up this handy checkout where you can buy me one or more burritos. You can even choose whether the burrito should include guacamole.