At its core, earning true fans isn’t complicated.

Like many of the most rewarding things in life—physical health, great relationships, etc—it boils down to a few simple activities, done well, consistently.

It’s like the old metaphor of putting the “big rocks” into the jar first.

There are thousands of little things you can do to bond with an audience. And there’s abundant opportunity to overcomplicate it.

But if you get the big things right—the fundamentals—you won’t need any of that.

With that in mind, here are six simple ideas that, when combined, give you the 80/20 of earning superfans.

1. It’s all about emotion

Big Idea: True fandom is about emotional connection. Use that as your guiding principle when you’re making content/marketing decisions. Ask yourself,”Will this help me connect more deeply with my people?

2. Niche down

Big Idea: When you niche down, you become relevant to a subsection of the market. When you’re relevant, you’re more worthy of attention, and earning attention is the first step in creating superfans.

3. Position yourself for resonance

Big Idea: It’s much easier to earn true fans when you’re different or better than the competition. That’s where positioning comes in. By finding ways to differentiate yourself from everyone else, you make it easier for fans to identify and connect with you.

4. Produce quality work

Big Idea: Every piece of work you create makes a promise. Your job, as a true fan creator, is to make a compelling promise, then keep it. When that’s your bar for what it means to do “quality” work, you can't go wrong.

5. Show up consistently

Big Idea: Showing up regularly with generous work is not only the best way to create true fans, but to keep them. Find a publishing schedule that works for you, and commit to it. Be ready to play the long game.

6. Build an ecosystem of delight

Big Idea: Your business is comprised of dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of interactions with fans. Each of these touch points is an opportunity to surprise, delight, and serve.

There you have it. The fundamentals of creating true fans.

Get these big rocks in place, and you’ll be well on your way to building genuine long-term relationships with your audience.