TLDR: The Forest is an ever-expanding body of writing and exploration by me, Rob Hardy. It centers around how we can practice online business in a way that leaves us feeling more alive, more connected, more human.

My goal here is simple. Build a digital world that feels like an oasis away from the barren desert of marketing bullshit. An internet sanctuary where we slow down, set aside the pressure to always scale scale scale, and focus on what brings us to life. This place exists for the artists, the weirdos, the misfits who yearn to do work that matters, and build a life around their own version of 1,000 true fans.

Much of the writing in The Forest is free, but the more practical bits live behind a paywall. Yet there are no subscriptions here. If you ever feel called to step onto this path with me, a one-time fee gets you lifetime access to everything I've ever written here, or ever will write.

Down below, you'll find a few curated pathways leading into The Forest. The best of the best. Start with what feels resonant, and if you ever get lost in there or have questions, ping me on twitter or send an email to rob [at] ungated [dot] media.

Godspeed, fellow forest friends! 🫡🌲

P.S. Here's some wild music to accompany your journey.

Foundational Essays

The Ungated Manifesto
The Pattern, and the Battle for the Soul of the Internet
The perils of niching down
The way we’re taught to pursue 1,000 true fans is broken
Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer
A new philosophy of marketing, rooted in letting go of control, and trusting people to be their own authority.

Practical Starting Points

Find The Others
A guided workshop for discovering your internet homies
Digital Spelunking
How to explore the dark, vast cave system of the internet, and discover your people

Core Concepts

Foundations of Joyful Business
The art of walking your own path in a world that incentivizes conformity.
Creative Individuation
On becoming more fully yourself in your creative work
The Pattern
Or, why the internet feels so utterly fucked

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