Last updated: February 18, 2023

Current Projects

  • Writing 100 posts in 100 days (a truly masochistic, yet necessary endeavor for this perfectionist) over on a spinoff Substack publication. I'll be publishing those posts here as well, so don't feel like you need to subscribe over there. This is, and always will be, my primary digital world.
  • Fleshing out the philosophy and mechanics of non-coercive marketing, and demonstrating, through how I run my business, that it's a much more effective and joyful way to create true fans than anything you might learn from the traditional marketing world. 😎

What I'm Reading

P.S. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

P.P.S Speaking of Derek Sivers, if you haven’t already, grab a copy of his book Your Music And People. Though it’s written for musicians, it’s applicable to anyone who creates things. It’s also perhaps the most delightful and human marketing book ever written. 10/10 would recommend.