For entrepreneurial creators, niching down is a superpower.

No matter what you create (videos, newsletters, podcasts, music)…

And no matter your business model (products, memberships, advertising)…

Niching down will streamline your journey towards earning a living from work you love.

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s a hell of a lot easier to…

  • Create content that resonates and spreads organically
  • Get your work in front of the right people without being a spammer
  • Grow your traffic, subscribers, and fanbase
  • Make products people actually want to buy
  • Connect with influential allies and strategic partners
  • Build a delightful business fueled by True Fans

There are few genuine shortcuts in life. But niching down is one of the legit ones.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, few things have resulted in more progress than getting clarity on who I serve.

And now, I’d like to pass along the process and tools I’ve developed to you.

Introducing: Find Your Niche 2.0

Find Your Niche is a course for creators who are committed to building a long-term business around their work.

If you’re just getting started as a creator, or if you have no intention of monetizing, this course isn’t for you.

However, for entrepreneurial creators, identifying a market to serve is a foundational step in building a business that actually works.

So that’s what we’ll do together in this course.

You’ll learn to identify existing markets that are not only fertile ground for growing a business, but are a great fit for your creative work, and for you personally.

The goal is to get you to a space where you can do the work you love, and do it profitably and sustainably, for years to come.

Here are the main modules and outcomes of the course, as well as some of the individual lessons you'll find within.

Module 1: Niche Finding

In which you’ll generate dozens of niche ideas that you resonate with.

  • What a niche actually is.
  • A comprehensive list of where and how niches form.
  • Why different types of media (entertainment, education, etc) require different niching strategies.
  • How to audit your existing identity and passions to come up with dozens of potential niche ideas.
  • The art of forming a niche hypothesis before digging into research.

Module 2: Niche Validation

In which you’ll dig into research to ensure a niche can support you financially.

  • My two-tier niche research framework.
  • The three questions that help you determine if a niche is a smart place to build a business
  • My “keyword roulette” process that’ll help you uncover every existing trace of a niche
  • A simple framework for understanding how big your niche needs to be
  • How to make a map of your niche that will serve you for years to come (template included)

Module 3: Niche Immersion

In which you’ll make sure a niche can support you creatively and emotionally.

  • Why it’s a bad idea to commit to a niche just because you think it’ll be profitable.
  • How and why to step into the anthropologist and artist mindsets
  • Audience mapping, a process for deeply understanding the inner world of your niche (template included).
  • The art of taking a creative test run.
  • Why it’s scary to commit to a niche, and why that’s totally ok.

How is this course different?

Find Your Niche is unique for two reasons.

First, it’s made for creators, not marketers.

It understands that we creative types need to feel energized by our work. We need to feel connected to the communities we create for. We need creative and emotional sustenance from the businesses we build, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Most niching advice can show you how to find a profitable market. It’s honestly not that difficult.

But nowhere else will you learn how to find a profitable market for creative work you care about, and lay the foundation for a business that will delight you for years or decades on end.

The second reason is that it’s ruthlessly practical.

Trust me, I hate courses that are pure theory, with no guidance on how to implement the ideas.

So in Find Your Niche, every module comes with a handful of step-by-step exercises. Each will take 10-30 minutes, and each builds on top of each other to help you identify the perfect market.

If you do the work as prescribed, you will get the results I’m promising. Pinky promise.

Who is this course for?

It’s for creators who are actively trying to build a business around their work.

I stress the “building a business” part so much because none of this really matters if you’re just creating as a hobby. If you just want to have fun and explore, please don’t take this course.

More specifically, it’s a great fit for entrepreneurial…

  • Filmmakers
  • Podcasters
  • Newsletter writers
  • YouTubers
  • Novelists
  • Musicians
  • And more

Basically, if you do interesting creative work on the internet, Find Your Niche can speed up the process of building a business around it.

Who are you, and why should I trust you to teach this course?

Howdy! I’m Rob Hardy, and niching legit changed my life.

My original “creator” business Filmmaker Freedom floundered around for years because of its lack of specificity. I tried to serve everyone in the film community, and ended up serving very few. On more than one occasion, I was close to throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

It was only once I radically narrowed my focus to entrepreneurial micro-budget filmmakers in 2018 that things really started working. My content started spreading, and my offers started converting. As if by magic, the business I struggled so long to build started working like I wanted it to. Go figure.

In addition to that site, I now run two other niche media/creator business.

Ungated (this site) targets a narrow slice of the creator community. Specifically, it’s aimed at those seeking to make meaningful, long-lasting creative work (sorry TikTok influencers), and build a long-term business around it. Basically, I help dedicated creators turn 1,000 True Fans from theory to reality.

Citizen Within is a new side project for me, and it pulls from the political depolarization niche, the sensemaking niche, the political moderate/centrist niche, the futurism niche, and the rationalist niche. None of those spaces quite capture what I’m trying to do, but there’s enough overlap that I can use them as a starting place in my bigger journey.

In all of these endeavors, focusing on specific markets is what gives me the clarity and confidence I need to build real, functional businesses. And I want to pass along those tools to you, because they’re pretty rad.

How long will it take to find my niche?

You can get through all of the course material in a weekend. The exercises, however, will take you 2-3 weeks to complete.

My guess is that within the next month, if you show up consistently, you will have substantial clarity on the market you serve.

That said, I urge you not to rush this process. We’re building a foundation here to help you win the long game. So give it the time and space it needs, and you’ll be rewarded down the road.

Rob’s 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

Look, there are a lot of shallow, ineffective courses out there. I’ve been burned by quite a few myself.

So I want you to put this course to the test.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go through the program and do the exercises (it obviously won’t work if you don’t put in a good faith effort).

If, after a full year, you don’t have substantial clarity on who you serve, I don’t deserve your money. Just email me, and I will quickly and happily refund you.

All I ask is that, if you’re up for it, we jump on a 10 minute call so I can diagnose why the process didn’t work for you, and improve it for future students.

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always find me at

Hope you dig the course.