What’s something you believe with every fiber of your being?

What are your deepest, most cherished values?

What change are you committed to creating in the world?

What gets you irrationally fired up?

Take the time to work through these questions. Then, consider weaving the answers into your creations and communications.

Don't worry if your beliefs have nothing to do with your niche. They’re still a potent tool for bonding with fans.

At the end of the day, true fandom is like any long-term relationship. It works best when built on a foundation of shared values and sustained emotional connection.

So by sharing what you believe in, you’re creating a magnet.

Some folks will be repelled. But that’s ok. They were never going to be true fans anyway.

But the people who jive with your beliefs won't be able to resist coming in closer. They'll instinctually trust you on a deeper, more primal level. And that’s where the magic happens.

So don’t be afraid to stand for something. Be loud and proud about it, and you’ll attract the others.

P.S. Oh, and this is best used in conjunction with standing against something. It’s important to call out bad actors and ideas. But it’s just as important to paint a picture of a better world that you and your fans can strive towards together.