We’re all the hero of our own story.

We move through life viewing the world through a single set of eyes, and interpreting it through a single set of experiences. All the while our monkey minds work tirelessly to answer, “how does this relate to me, and what does it all mean?

Whether you realize it or not, everything you create will be filtered through this lens.

Your creations will fuse with the stories your fans are playing out in their head. And if you’re lucky, your work will play a supporting role in those stories.

That song you’re writing might be essential as they navigate a tough breakup.

That course might catapult them to new heights in their career.

That podcast might be the oasis of sanity that gives them courage to confront a world gone mad.

In these stories, you’re not the hero. They are. Your creations are just part of a larger, more meaningful puzzle.

Yet so few creators acknowledge this. We’re all so wrapped up in our own stories to see the broader context.

And that's a huge missed opportunity.

Because something profound happens when we take the time to understand the stories playing out in our niche, and in our fans’ lives.

Our work begins to resonate on a primal level. The puzzle pieces we create begin to slot ever-so-perfectly into their emotional landscape. And from there, we become more integral to their story.

By focusing outward, our work has a better chance of mattering. And we'll be one step closer to earning our 1,000 true fans.

So take the time to understand your people. Then make them the hero.