Something magical happens when you niche down, position yourself magnetically, and broadcast your values.

Your business becomes a mirror.

When your ideal fan lands on your site, your content, or your videos for the first time, they’ll see a reflection of themselves. And the more they stare, the more it’ll feel like this little corner of the internet was made just for them.

That, in and of itself, is often enough to create true fans.

But let’s kick it up a notch. Here’s an example of how you can give your mirror superpowers.

When I gaze into André Chaperon’s universe, I don’t just see a reflection of myself as I currently am. I see the marketer I can be—the marketer I yearn to be.

In other words, Andre’s mirror shows me the idealized version of myself.

I see enough of “current Rob” to know it’s me. But I also catch glimpses of a badass “future Rob,” which leaves me feeling inspired, and awakened by a sense of possibility.

But it gets better, because Andre's mirror also comes with a set of tools designed to close that gap.

That’s what his courses are. They’re an invitation to heed the call—to embark on a hero’s journey of becoming the person in the mirror.

Frankly, I have a long way to go to become the marketer and entrepreneur I want to be. But when I immerse myself in André’s world—when I gaze into his mirror—I feel like I can be.

That’s what a magic mirror does.

It doesn’t just reflect the world as it is. It reflects the world as it can be. And it comes with a roadmap and compass for the journey ahead.