this morning, i was feeling a bit down on myself. i was full of self-doubt—about my ability to commit to writing, and about my ability to build ungated into the business i want it to be.

so on a whim, i wrote a letter to myself.

i stepped into the shoes of future rob, 12 months from now, and gave myself some words of encouragement and affirmation. and i also made some predictions about how this next year will play out if i stick to my gut and consistently ship new writing.

and you know what? just writing it made me feel better. it broke the spell of disillusionment i was feeling, and got me back to a place of excitement and wonder and possibility. pretty cool stuff.

chances are, you won't get any "value" from reading this. but the reason i'm publishing it is that it's an artifact of the kind of work i'm doing behind the scenes. the internal work. the messy emotional stuff.

in my experience, no one really talks about the idea that the health of your business is often a direct reflection of your emotional health. it doesn't matter if you have the best marketing strategy and the fanciest tools and solid value to offer. if your internal world is out of order, you're going to have an incredibly difficult time building a business you're proud of.

trust me. i let my insecurities run the show for years with my first business, and it was like trying to build a house on top of quick sand.

so yeah, that's my preamble to this very strange and personal piece. regardless, i hope you enjoy my words of encouragement to myself 😂

dear rob,

it's new years eve 2022 as i write this, and i want to express to you just how magical this year was.

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